Dentures & Removable Partials

These are removable 'appliances' for replacement of missing teeth. They are made of a esthetic acrylic resin and uniquely customized to fit each patient. A partial denture is used to fill gaps between missing teeth while full dentures will replace all teeth.  Over time your dentures will require some adjustment due to changes in natural oral structures.  Even a denture that started out perfect will not fit the same over time.  

With recent advances in implant dentistry, you can have significant improvement in functionality of dentures and partials by custom fitting them to dental implants.  Traditional dentures rely strictly on soft tissue support, whereas implant supported dentures allow you to pass the forces of chewing on to the bone in your upper and lowers jaws, which are infinitely stronger than soft tissue.  This allows you to have dentures and partials that you can actually chew on.  The result?  Improvement in satisfaction of the prosthesis and overall improvement in quality of life.